Is Emo Nite Day all ages?


Are children free?

Children under 2 are free

What time will the venue open on DOS?


What time can guests begin lining up?


Can I get a photo pass or press pass?


Are there in/outs?


How many passes can one person buy?

Eight (8)

Do the prices include fees?

Prices include only the facility fee; an additional AXS processing fee will be added on checkout

Is there a ticket support email or page we can direct people to for inquiries?

Please visit the AXS Help Center

What Am I Not Allowed To Bring In?

Outside food or beverage, candy (kandi is ok)

Alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, illegal substances, e-cigarettes, eye drops

Weapons, explosives, fireworks, tear gas, pepper spray, pocket knives/blades of any size

Open packs of cigarettes/unsealed tampons (upon entry)

Pets (with the exception of service animals)

Glass bottles, metal cans, cups or coolers, camelbaks, bota bags, plastic water bottles (i.e. Nalgene bottles)

Instruments, noise making devices (ie. horns, cowbells, whistles)

Blankets, chairs

Flags, beach balls, frisbees, balloons

Laser pointers, light gloves, LED micro lights, flashlights

Massagers, plush or furry items (including backpacks), pacifiers, dust masks

Professional cameras (no detachable lenses), tripods, go-pros, selfie sticks, audio recording devices

Stickers, flyers, posters, sharpies/markers, spray paint

Water guns, toy replica weapons, squirt bottles, soap bubbles, slingshots (sorry Bart)

Skateboards, skatesPlastic water bottles (i.e. Nalgene bottles), CamelBaks

Gang attire, chains/chain wallets, oversized purses, backpacks (over 10”x10)

Any other item deemed inappropriate by Shrine management.

How do I get to The Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall? Where can I park?

You can find detailed directions here and parking information here.